Points of Interest

Chautauqua Point Golf Course
This 9-hole championship golf course is the longest running course in the county. Located on East Lake Road, its scenic views of the lake provide a beautiful backdrop to your day on the holes.

Camp Mission Meadows
Starting in 1938, Camp Mission Meadows has been a staple in the area for over 70s years. Located on East Lake Road, the camp offers numerous youth and all ages camps throughout the summer. Mission Meadows is a great place to get away from the hassles of our daily lives and just enjoy nature.

Farm Bell Basket Barn – Since 1980, this gift shop located at 5252 Route 430 has been a staple in Chautauqua County. Whether it is a homemade basket or a Chautauqua t-shirt or something else, they have “a barn full of ways to tell someone you care.”

Caldwell Cheese House – Located at 5392 East Lake Road, the Caldwell Cheese House is a fabulous destination for all cheese lovers. With a small gift shop, Caldwell’s sells homemade cheese of every variety you can think – and some you haven’t – all of which are delicious.